Sunday, December 04, 2016

Life Lately 2016 update

I was looking for something on my old blog and couldn't believe I hadn't updated in so long!

Gracie is in 3rd grade and doing great. Her school is great but tough, she is really getting prepared for middle and high school! This is her first year getting grades and we've had a big learning curve with it!  She's still in competitive soccer and loves it. For the last 2 years she's been on 2 teams so that means soccer every single day but one. She must really love it. We love watching her play and grow. She's learning some great life long skills and she hopes to be a professional player someday!!

Ramsey is in the 3yr old class at preschool at our church. He's not in my class but close by so I see him frequently. He's doing great and getting better at his speech. He finally qualified for speech by appointment through our school district so those will be starting up soon. He talks non stop but can be hard to understand. 

We are super busy during the week and weekends. We are trying to enjoy this time of the year (even with daily night time events) because it seems to fly by. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

June 2015

 June flew by!
                                                     Goodbye 1st grade, hello 2nd!

                                                      We dog sat Winston for a week

                                           Gracie started tennis lessons where I played growing up!
                                        During her lessons I chased him all over the place!

                                      2 weeks of swimming with him. He hated it!

                                          She roller skated for the first time!

                                         and attended her first Twilight Girl Scout Camp

                                                lots and lots of swimming!

                                                                some face painting

                                                 a little gardening....

                                                          lots of snacks....

                                                                         and lots of naps!


                                                       June was GREAT!!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

A New Year..

It's been a few months.... thought I'd do a quick update for anyone that still reads this blog! In November we had some family pics done...

Little Ramsey is 21 months old now. He is still full of some vinegar but lots of sugar too. He's getting challenging because he's testing us out and trying to get away with more. To say he's full boy is an understatement. He doesn't stop moving. If he's awake, he's up moving, mostly running and screaming. He's full of life!

Our Gracie is 7 going on 14. She's still rocking 1st grade and loves school and her friends. She loves to bake with me and went straight from Fall soccer right into indoor winter soccer. At least she's getting some good exercise! She's been in full cookie selling mode with the Daisy Scouts. She single handedly sold over 75 boxes of cookies in one afternoon on our street and at the park. Go girl!

             I love my sweet babies to pieces! There's never a dull moment with them :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Life at 18 mths

Ramsey is a full fledged 18 mth old. He's full of piss and vinegar at times but we love him so. I want to bottle him up because this is the sweetest, most fun age. He definitely keeps up busy! He is all boy and does NOT like to sit still :)

 You can't be happy all the time, right? Especially if  your big sister comes up and steals your ball!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Life at 17 Mths and Last Month of Being 6

I am in full birthday/holiday mode around here. Gracie is in her last month of being a 6 year old and Ramsey is almost 18 mths! Life is pretty good with these 2 right now and lots of FUN. Not a dull moment, EVER!

 He is just as sweet as he can be at 17 mths. He's started hugging/ kissing. Really for kissing when I ask for one he'll just walk up and stick his head out for me to kiss the top.We go through this whole thing before I leave for work every day with lots of kisses, hugs, and crying too. He is a TOTAL Momma's boy and does NOT like me to leave him :( Sad for me too. When I go to pick him up he is FULL of smiles and babbles lots, so happy to see me!
His favorites are the Itzy Spider and really any song with hand motions. I heard him humming something this weekend and I started humming too and it was the ABC's! So fun. When I started singing along he got the Biggest smile like he was so thrilled I knew the words too!! He is really into doing things himself, especially eating. He will throw a huge fit if I simply try and spoon something for him. He wants to do all by himself, even if he drops most! He's getting pretty close to running in his own way. He still waddles but he's gotten very fast. He follows me around the house all over and will be right on my tail! Sweet, sweet boy. I have notice his eyes are starting to change from the pretty blue. They are getting more gray-ish so they might end up being more like Gracie's green/gray eyes.

And this girl... how can it be? Her last month as a 6 year old. Actually just  10 days left?? Ahhhh! She's liking school but it hasn't been the easiest transition. She's in big 1st grade now which means more work ( a lot more work), more homework, switching classes, and new teachers. She's doing very well in school but she's had a lot of anxiety and attachment issues we are hoping is just a phase. Any day now she can come out of it and be back to normal, right? 

 She's playing Fall soccer and 3 other girls from 1st grade are on with her so it's fun. She LOVES math and I've already seen a big jump in her reading. Most of all she just loves us, all of us together, as she says. She's kinda  a home body lately and doesn't want any of us going anywhere. She loves her brother to pieces and loves that he can chase her around! Sweet Gracie.

Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of First Grade

I'm not sure how but somehow our baby started 1st grade today. I keep wanting to say Kinder, but she's not in Kinder anymore! As I was walking her down the long hallway today, our hands held tightly, I had a flashback of coming home from the hospital with this beautiful baby girl, dressed in a pink gown. Then I realized where I was and wanted to cry. I kept telling myself  "how can this be??"

Sweet Gracie did great but seemed more nervous this year than last! Last year she came bouncing in the school all ready but this year was different. She's been anxious, worried, upset. Very unlike her. Lots of new changes taking place in first grade for her but we are praying she does okay and has a great year! Her teacher is really sweet and loved her bribery teacher gift, ha! We sent cookies and she was so impressed. Whatever it takes, right? She did have a good day but was exhausted and starving! 

And I made Ramsey get in on the action too. I wanted a first day pic because I know at the end he'll be all grown up again! We did his yesterday and the ONLY thing that got him to stop walking was me singing "Itzy Bitzy Spider" (his favorite song!) Otherwise he was a giant blurry blob on all the pictures! 

Happy First Day! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Keeping Busy

I know I haven't blogged much on there lately. I mostly post on facebook and instagram these days.  It's much easier! I wanted to share a new project a friend and I have been working on! It's a Mommy blog called Daily Momtivity.   

We've always wanted to do something together and this was the best fit for us. Our site went live in June and we've been having a lot of fun and love getting feedback on our posts :) If you haven't checked us out yet then head over and see what we've been up to! 

We FINALLY have...

A WALKER!!! Our Ramsey has decided that walking is just sorta fun! This was last week and he's doing better every day. Go Ramsey, Go!!